Top 10 Reasons It’s Time To Consider Outsourcing For Your Trades & Services Business


In this article we look at some of the top reasons you may want to consider outsourcing as a solution for your trades or services business. There are a few different options when considering outsourcing that include virtual admin assistants, virtual receptionists and bookkeepers, or you could get lucky and find and company that does it all.

Top 10 reasons outsourcing will suit for your trades or services business:

1. Workload – If you have too much work for you and your team, it’s time to consider outsourcing. You are probably better off on the tools, making money, or managing your business than on time-consuming admin tasks. Using a virtual assistant or virtual receptionist is a great option for you to reduce workload.

2. Growth – You may be looking to scale your trades business or are currently in a growth phase. If you are growing, you need to use        your time and resources wisely. Spending time in admin might not be the best use of your time. You may be better off spending that time on sales and marketing, training your team, management tasks or simply doing more jobs.

3. Downsizing – You may have hit a tough patch or are planning to go a bit smaller and can no longer justify having admin assistants employed within the business. Maybe you would be better off investing salaries into money making roles like a tradesman to do more jobs? Admin outsourcing is a great low-cost, low-risk solution to help you with workload when downsizing.

4. Work life balance – Are you working nights and weekends trying to keep up with all your admin? Is your family also pitching in to help you stay on top of it? You already work hard enough. Why not get your weeknights, weekends and family time back though using a specialised outsourcing service?

5. Efficiency – How quickly are you getting to important admin tasks such as quotes, invoicing, work orders, email or even returning phone calls? If you are letting these sorts of tasks pile up, using an admin outsourcing service such as a virtual assistant or virtual receptionist will help you streamline your business by getting things done daily and being more efficient.

6. Expertise – Are you an expert at admin as well as your trade? If not, isn’t your time better spent at what you expertise in? You probably already outsource your legal requirement, marketing, and accounting to experts, you can do the same with your admin and bookkeeping. A specialised service usually already understands your type of business and the systems you use.

7. Recruitment issues – finding a good admin assistant can be very hard. You have to pay for advertising, go through the recruitment process, negotiate with them, hire them, train them, pay them, organise PAYG and look after them! Then, after all that effort, they can just leave whenever they want. Or if they’re no good, you can’t just fire them! With admin outsourcing, you get quick, easy low risk access to experienced professionals.

8. Environment – Not all trades and services businesses will have a suitable work environment to house admin staff. You may have them in a factory or shed-type environment, or work from home. This can be lonely and potentially demotivating. With a good outsourced provider, they will be focused on providing a great work environment for staff so they’ll deliver exceptional customer service.

9. Make more money – Simple mathematics. If you charge out at $120 plus per hour and are spending time on admin, you are losing money. You can pay an admin assistant $50 per hour and you will still be making money if you’re doing more work as a result. Admin outsourcing is a smart business decision to help you make more money!

10. Improved customer experience – Are you able to answer calls when on site? How long does it take you to call customers back? How quickly do you get quotes and invoices out? Outsourcing means things get done straight away. Through working with a virtual admin assistant or virtual receptionist you can greatly improve your customer’s experience.


Admin outsourcing can be a terrific short, mid or even long-term solution for your trades or services business. You can get easy access to experienced staff who understand your industry, in a low cost, low-risk solution. At Office Shed, we are experts at helping trades and services businesses. Partnering with major tradie job management software such as ServiceM8, Tradify, simPro, AroFlo, Fergus, Ascora and Xero, and with over 9 years’ experience, we understand how Tradies work. If you’d like to explore outsourcing your admin, give Office Shed a call today.


Duncan McClure

Duncan McClure helps his wife Jay McClure run their fantastic business Office Shed. Office Shed helps tradies streamline their admin processes, are tradie Bookkeeping experts and do reception services for their busy tradies. Duncan has a long history working in management consulting, specialising in business strategy and planning, sales and marketing and customer experience.

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