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Outsource Your Admin To Trades & Services Experts

Office Shed’s all Australian virtual admin (VA) team has proven to deliver Tradies both time and money-saving benefits. We offer  turnkey administrative support solutions going beyond traditional virtual assistant services and virtual admin support. We are trade business specialists so we understand how most trades businesses operate. We are experts in scheduling jobs and understand most of the software you’ll typically use. If we can see that you could be more efficient in an area of your operation we’ll suggest introducing better systems or processes to help your business run more efficiently.

Get back your time & focus on the task at hand.

How much time are you spending on administrative tasks or answering phone calls currently? When managing a small business are admin tasks where your time is best spent? Your time is better spent focusing on growth and creating efficiencies in operations. Outsourcing your administration is a great business decision. Wouldn’t you be better off focusing on revenue-earning tasks, training, product research, sales and marketing, or maybe just having a better work-life balance?

When outsourcing your admin to Office Shed some of the tasks we will take on for you include – answering calls, scheduling jobs, creating and following up quotes, creating invoices and chasing up payments, email inbox management, reconciling payments, compliance documentation, responding to work orders,  managing job management systems, liaising with suppliers, work quality checks, outbound calls or really any admin task your business may require.


All Australian Based Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Office Shed is highly experienced and skilled in providing administrative support to trades and services businesses. We are an Australian company serving Australian based Tradies – no offshoring to overseas-based virtual assistants here. All our team are employees who have gone through a rigorous selection process including psychomimetic testing, receive ongoing training and support, they use the best technology available and enjoy a great work environment.

We have worked with all types of Tradies, so we understand the unique challenges you face and how to best assist you with your administration. Our clients are mainly electricians, plumbers, air conditioning installers and repairers, roofers, maintenance or handyman businesses, pest controllers and cleaning businesses. However, we have worked with most different types of tradies in Australia. We partner with major job management software such as Fergus, ServiceM8, AroFlo, Ascora, Simpro and Tradify. Plus we have experience using many other apps and software common to trade businesses.

Office Shed never pulls a sicky, goes on leave and will never quit! Many Office Shed clients don’t have the resources to have a dedicated administration team, but engage us for a fraction of the price of employing someone themselves. Other clients have an admin team that is already stretched and use Office Shed as an additional admin resource to help take the pressure off their team. When you engage Office Shed you’ll get a dedicated account manager (VA) who’ll get to know your business and will represent themselves to your customers as part of you team.

How We Provide The Best Admin Support

Outsourcing Administration

Our administrative support solution is designed to give you back time to focus on other things. We can take on your most time-consuming tasks from creating and following up quotes, invoicing, chasing payments, setting up and maintaining job management apps, reconciling payments in your accounting software, email management, answering calls, uploading work orders, scheduling jobs, uploading compliance documents, fielding customer enquiries, work quality checks, maintaining spreadsheets, ad-hoc marketing tasks and everything in between.

Easy On-Boarding

 Your business has been built with blood, sweat and tears.  Office Shed will hit the ground running, as we have done many times before. Our experience of working with many different tradies means we have seen a lot of different ways of doing things, giving us a big head start when working with a new client. Plus, we have robust processes in place utilising the best technology available, all designed to get up to speed quickly. Office Shed have the skills, experience, systems and flexibility to be able to start helping you as soon as tomorrow!

Call Answering Services

As part of our Tradie administrative support packages we offer a virtual telephone answering service. We can even answer your website live chat. We go beyond traditional reception services or phone answering services and delve deeper into your business, understanding your systems and processes and completing all the associated admin with a call or enquiry. From entering customer information into your job management software, scheduling a job or uploading a work order. We are trades and services industry specialists. We do this every day, we have heard all the objections and we know how to secure those quote visits!

Hiring vs Outsourcing

Your business is at the point where you need help to keep up and grow. Is hiring your best option, or is outsourcing your administration a good idea? Finding good, experienced candidates is extremely hard. They need to be trained, you’ll have to manage their payroll, they need to perform, they need to show up every day and they need to be loyal. Is it worth the effort when they can quit on you at any time? Utilising Office Shed’s outsourced admin support services makes smart business sense, it involves less risk and is more cost effective. We are already skilled and experienced in working with tradies, delivering value and knowledge far beyond most traditional admin staff hires. Plus, you don’t have to worry about super or taxes, we are highly cost effective as you only pay for the time we work, we never go on leave and we’ll never quit!

You Maintain Control

A common worry when outsourcing to a virtual admin support service is that you’ll lose a level of control of your business. Our systems and processes mean you will always have complete oversight over all admin support activities provided. We keep the lines of communication open with full transparency. You’ll have a dedicated account manager working closely with you who’ll simply become a valued member of your team. Outsourcing will actually give you more control, with your now having more time to actually manage your business, rather than trying to keep up with the administrative tasks. Your privacy is paramount, utilising the best cloud-based software you own the technology, retain all information within those web based properties and will always know what’s happening in your business.

Full Time Availability Without The Cost

Whilst Office Shed’s administrative support packages are for 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 or 15 hours a week, we are available to you for 45 hours over that period. We’ll answer your customer calls or get that urgent quote out from 8.30am-5.00pm every single business day. This is one of the single biggest advantages in outsourcing administration tasks to Office Shed –  you’ll only pay for when we are actually completing tasks for you, yet we’re always available and never take the day off. We’re more reliable than any employee and help you scale your business without having to hire additional staff.

Job Management Apps

Office Shed are experienced in the leading Tradie job management systems and software accounting packages. We are Tradify, ServiceM8, Ascora, simPRO, Fergus and AroFlo partners and experienced in other Tradie job management software such as Geo-op & Buildxact. Office Shed use the best small business accounting software and are a Xero Gold Partner. We can help you set up your job management system, manage its daily administration and help train your team. Having worked with most job management software platforms for Tradies we can even help you choose the best suited to your business.

Speed, Accuracy & Privacy

We deliver admin support to Tradies & we are great at it. Whether it’s doing your quoting, invoicing, work orders or any other admin task, we’ll do it with speed & accuracy. Our team is tested for accuracy and attitude, and enjoy great trained in support. We utilise the best software platforms to run our own business with all required tasks assigned and completed every day. We take accuracy seriously and will usually process your admin tasks more efficiently than you can, as admin is our specialisation. All Office Shed staff are bound under strict contract to keep your customer details and processes confidential. We also engage the best security software and consultants. If you’d like to discuss this further, please connect with us for a discussion.

Consulting Expertise

Working only with tradies means we learn a lot and become extremely efficient. We have seen how not to do it, and also what we consider “best practice”. We’ll go beyond traditional admin support services and can deliver insights on different ways of approaching things. If you want to build new admin processes, get valuable advice and receive assistance in setting up job management software systems, then we’re here to help. Office Shed also have a vast network of Tradies we work with to call on, and partnerships with some of the best trade focused consultancies in Australia.

Australia's most trusted team for virtual admin services.

Sy WSy W
01:40 09 Sep 22
The deliver what they say - exceptional service from Paige every day!Keeps our team on the road and keeps our clients happy and since signing up seen an increase in turnover as she never misses a call!Terrific!
Matthew BiceMatthew Bice
01:29 09 Sep 22
I’ve employed the services of Office shed for over a year now and it’s one of the best business decisions I made!Tamzin has been an integral part of my businesses growth, from scheduling jobs, answering the phone, replying to emails and even setting up fool proof systems using service m8, I’m no longer trapped in the office every night doing admin and can concentrate on what I’m good at, being on the tools!I would highly recommend office shed to any trade business in the service industry.Matt Bice - Owner of Bice electrical
Luke Hillier PlumbingLuke Hillier Plumbing
05:00 05 Aug 22
Hillier Plumbing has Tash Klanjscek as our office admin for office shed. She is just amazing and gives our business that next level look. 5 stars Tash if there were more stars to give I would.
Richard eganRichard egan
04:57 05 Aug 22
I’ve been using officeshed for 5 years now and can not fault them. Jay and her team are fantastic answering all my calls and getting all my admin sorted. Tash is a great manager on my account and a pleasure to chat to everyday. My business wouldn’t run without them!
Daniel YatesDaniel Yates
04:52 05 Aug 22
I have been with office shed for over 2 years. Before I used their service I was a typical tradie/ small business owner working until 11pm each night. When I took on their service, they slowly took away all the little admin jobs that eat away at your day. I now finish at 5pm, I am less stressed, I have more time with my family. I can’t recommend their admin and support services highly enough. Dan